Hey there! How’s life? You don’t know? It’s alright. Let me tell you two secrets. One, almost nobody knows how to answer that question. So here I am, writing about life because apparently you can’t conclude it into one sentence. As I go, I also try to humor myself, so if you are the unfortunate one that reads my bad puns and mostly immature writings, I suggest that you immediately sign up for therapy.

I can be a lil bit crazy. Now, who’s crazy with me? You. Yup, you. If you’re still reading, you’re mad. Bonkers. So welcome! It’s a mental institute. Enjoy!

P.S Have you noticed I haven’t told you secret number two? *smiles cheekily*

*whispers* The secret is that the first four sentences are edited lyrics of a song called “The Search” by NF. Obviously, I’m a fan. If you read my posts, you’ll know why XD.