Those Little Ifrits!

Hai there! Another prompt, another unedited short story. This one’s genre was Fantasy. Give it a try! It’s so much fun. And yes, it was proposed by Alexander. Check out his story!

What do you think? It’s time I receive some advises instead of giving them out, no?


“Do not spill-“


“-the orange juice.” Margret sighed. How did a three-year-old manage to ruin the carpet and his clothes a minute after they were cleaned-by her, if you were wondering- because of Jude, who had also tipped over a plate of chocolate pudding? Now she had to clean. Again. There was simply no time!


He looked at her and in a-snap!-dashed outside.

“Jack Robert Hemster! I will count to three.”

Jack sat down.


He tilted his head.


He smiled.

“Two and a half.”

He started playing with the grass.

“I’m breaking the tablet!”

He startled, tripping over his feet, falling awkwardly. No matter how smart they could be, they still hadn’t mastered the you-saw-nothing face and the I-hadn’t-tripped-just-now expression. So, since he was humiliated and well…a boy, his shoulders started shaking and a high-pitched waa! Was heard all the way from, most likely, Mars. 

“John, come pick up Jackie. Feed him breakfast. I have to go.” Margret hated not being able to comfort her son in such a dire situation, but she had an interview. At least the juice wasn’t spilled on her, Margret thought.


Margret was out of breath, “I have an interview with Mr. Dobos, if you may.” She alerted the secretary, who looked like the scary neighbour who would probably murder you while you were awake. She didn’t look like the ‘night’ type. Her old bones wouldn’t handle it.

“Mr. Dobos is expecting you at 8 o’clock. You should have come five minutes earlier out of respect, young lady.” The old woman scolded.

They had a staring contest. Finally, the secretary blinked.

“Go.” She dismissed.

Margret couldn’t believe the nerve of the woman. Weren’t grandmas supposed to be sugary-sweet, welcoming you with hugs and cookies?

Margret rolled her eyes.

“I find the rolling of the eyes such an exquisite talent that the opposite gender acquires ever so gracefully. The way a complete turn can be done in such an emphasizing manner with the perfect amount of ridicule is utterly magnificent.”

“Thank you Mr.Dobos.”

“Now, Ms.Lizzy, you mentioned that you worked several jobs before this.” He grabbed a paper-maybe her CV?-and started reading, “ A teacher, an assistant, a waitress, a cook-” He looked up, “Such a versatile list! And lastly…an imp-herder?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Meaning?” He raised an eyebrow.

“I take care of children.” She smiled.

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