Why are you dreaming?

We hit the sky, there goes the light,
‘No more sun, why’s it always night
When you can’t sleep, well, you can’t dream,
When you can’t dream, well, what’s life mean?’-Hollywood Undead (Bullet)

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Why are you dreaming?
What will people say?
Burn away your dreams
or the world will burn you away.

Scorch all your wishes
and lower all your skies
these people will only hurt you
why do you even try?

Drench yourself in doubts
like you always do
you can move mountains
but no one will see this beauty in you.

Maybe, just maybe….
for once….

Let all those mocking voices fade away
you are a dream in itself
why would you let someone else
dictate your way?

Listen to those voices
echoing in your mind
telling you to believe in yourself
because you’re one of a kind.

Don’t stop dreaming

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19 thoughts on “Why are you dreaming?

  1. I’m in love with this poem! You really know how to choose your reposts 😊 Can’t wait to read Chapter 1 of your story 🙌❤


        1. *Shaking my head* Leave mountain-movers alone and I’m just going to cross that 😂

          Take your negativity elsewhere, Bharath!
          I need this. 😂


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