Hai! So remember the previous post where I said I had a writer’s block thing going on? I guess that isn’t it. It’s not writers block. It’s the “I don’t want to write”. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, but poems do drain me and they’re usually an outpour of emotions. I don’t feel it’s necessary right now to write because I don’t have something that lights my soul on fire. I’m happy. I dont write anything about that and I guess that’s where the lack of content comes from. No, I wasn’t sad back then, but I had unsaid words, that’s all.

Anyways, I just wanted to chat with all of you bc I felt like it. I thought I’d give you an insight on what’s going on. So I started this vacay on the 10th of January and it’s ending on the 2nd of February. One week left. In that week, I’ve to finish up Math (which I already finished a big chunk of), study the remaining material of Business and perhaps skim ICT or study it if I’ve the time and effort. Then, I’ve to brainstorm ideas to write a script for late February (I’m trying to do it early so that I don’t feel pressured in school) and I also have to start researching about a project I’ve in March as well. The last two tasks will remain until their due date has come, so I’ve to put in mind that I’ll be bombarded with assignments and exams and I’ll have a FULL schedule which will be hard to manage with if you add those tasks to the mix. I am a little stressed about it, but I’m happy that I joined in these activities as I’ll not be able to in the following years.

I’ve also been thinking of learning how to code. That will be acted upon in summer though. Additionally, I’ve installed an app that teaches Spanish and a couple of other languages. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish or French, and I guess 10 minutes a week(?) won’t affect me that much. I hope I stay put to that task though. Other than that, I’m just living my life normally. How about you? What’s you’ve been up to?

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