Something has been awakened *shrugs*

Does anyone follow Eminem?


These droopy curtains
Cover up the inflamed sunset
In which the demons rise from
As it’s their hell
This cracked window
Gives a crooked visual of dirty orange hair
And unhinged pupils
I give in once again.
This car that never stops moving
With each crack under its tires
This tether keeps on snapping
Kicking me down into the icy ground
I cannot get up.
This decision of lapsing into the silent grief of lost family blood was not mine to take
I gave the sword to the one who is braver
I have been already carved inside out
It’s their turn now
This irrational fear of speedy legs
And haunting perception
Seems to fray my seams
Even though this bomb
Inside this cage
Is broken, combusted into several pieces
I refuse to give one of it to anybody
Even when there is a chance of revival
I will not commit homicide
This inability to showcase those turmoil that were slapped awake-unlike I, who remains stuck in surrender-is shaking this building up
The debris is falling down.
These expectations of jailing is choking whoever dreams
Of a better tomorrow
My mind will not sleep
Until the world wakes up on what it has slept on
And until then,
Let the volcano erupt again and again and again
With more fire to burn down those precious air-catchers
And until then, let the sea weep and weep and weep
Until there is nothing inside it to weep, empty of life; full of killers
And until then,
Let the artists draw and the writers describe and the photographers encapture
What will not be seen again
By the new eyes who bare the title of
“You could have been”
Yet they fail to mention
What they weren’t

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