I don’t think anyone realises how much beauty is in this abyss of pain. How much joy we could find in the smallest of things, if we only perceive them as such. Really, do any of us notice how eloquently we were made? With stars in our eyes and mischief in our hearts. How we have flecks of colours in our pupils, or how they can be a void, yet able to reflect the sights we devour. How our natural reaction to being happy is for our lips to lift themselves, wrinkling our eyes. How our hearts flutter when we have a feeling of revival.

Really, do we notice the fine lines on our hands that are traces of art that disappear when we tighten them into a fist? How each finger tilts and dances in search of the perfect gesture to help. Really, do we notice how much ambition and fascination we can behold in a few words that travel through mist? Do we notice our minds and how it is so complex, yet so beautifying to explore as it’s one of the greatest unknowns.

Really, am I the only one unable to comprehend how we struggle together and relax together when we are physically disconnected, merely a passersby to eachother? How we sit at malls and parks, and nobody knows the other; just a world of strangers with their own chapters to write and their own histories to jot down, yet we set those differences apart to settle into this joined ecstasy of enjoying the journey of life. Yes, many things have undone this tapestry of broken souls, yet souls were made to mend, or else we wouldn’t have been able to go on past our first step as little babies, dependant and fragile.

We have come so far as a unit, yet it remains unnoticed. Who built these streets that you travel on, day by day. Or that fridge, or that oven, or that blouse. All those creations, they were first thought of by a little me and a little you. We are pieces of a puzzle, and so the picture will never be complete if one of us is missing, out of contact. Do not grief the loss of life because in a meaningful picture there will be dark colours to dampen those bright spurts of light, or else it would be enough to blind one to reality and what must be done.

You’re in pain; all of us are. We fall together and rise together because we share the prospect of humanity. A little me and a little you can do a lot. Merely activate the chain and all will flow. Do not worry; you are not alone. We’re like sunflowers: when we cannot find the sun, we face eachother and find what we’ve been looking for…warmth and light. Yet sometimes we need darkness to remind us of that.

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