Red Haze

The world is in shambles; in tatters

as I walk, the clouds gather

The ashes of buildings and passions are scattered

is that a broken doll under those rocks?

it doesn’t matter

its owner isn’t coming back; she’s empty of laughter

this strewn shoe is clattered

with ruins of what has been shattered

it rains more these days

yet it doesn’t wash away the pain

it merely floods the streets until it dries

for there is no infrastructure to eliminate its destructive drive

the bombs are getting louder

the cries are silent; they would rather

stay unfound

the boy with a muddy face faltered

he did not want to see what has become of place he has grown up in

and he does not want to see his broken mother

or dying sister

from those fires and tear gases

Why? The question remains

without an answer

in the midst of this war

the dagger

was the only ending to this chapter

I look up to the sky

my eyes dry

When will it be my time?

To leave all of this behind

I’m weary

from being powerless

as I am weak, and without value

my only hope is that

perhaps the world will one day wake up

and stronger people will rise

from their daze

of Greed.

8 thoughts on “Red Haze

  1. This is such a powerful and important poem. The other day I saw a visual representation of greed, where the Earth was being eaten by a fat person and there were children begging for food on the other side. I don’t think I have explained that well enough…
    One of my faults is not being grateful for all that I have! You never fully appreciate something until you’ve lived without it. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wonder what makes this come to surface. Being greedy I mean. It’s such an ugly concept. Sometimes we forget to be thankful since we tend to be forgetful, but it’s fine since we remember it soon enough =)
      Well said!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Being multilingual sucksss 😂 and i’ve had way too much going on in the past weeks. Needed a break, but glad to be back =)


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