Dear Mind (Diary)

I wonder when you’ll ever stop
Why do you keep on talking?
Don’t you ever shut up?
Working overdrive, 24/7
Listening to the constant chatter hurts my ears
Hell, it hurts all over
When you feel like you’re nothing
And all you’ve done accounts to nothing
Won’t you ever stop telling what I don’t want to hear?
I don’t know if what you’re saying is real
Or not
And I honestly hate it so much
How can you change when whatever you want to change may or may not even exist?
I just don’t get it
Why are you doing this?
Don’t you want me to grow, with you?
You’re just dragging me down
And refusing to listen to whatever spews out of my mouth
And I’m all ears for you
I hate it
I can’t stop being with you
You’re my addiction
I can’t do anything without thinking ’bout you
You engulf my every sense
And it’s taking its toll
On my soul
Is this what it feels like to love someone,
To be so destroyed
From them
Yet you’re convinced they’re your redemption?
That they’re the oxygen
When you feel suffocated
By them?
I wish I never felt anything.

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