I know it ain’t how it used to be
With innocent thoughts and mind full of dreams
Your words, your life, your thoughts have become bleak
You wish you can succeed
And beat this monster of a disease
I know it ain’t easy, scummbing to the beast
He has taken over you and his torture hasn’t ceased
Since 6 years
But please
Don’t end it with a note and a craving to bleed
I never see the crease
Of your smile anymore
I know you ache for release
I get it
Really, I do
But there’s a whole future in front of you
And I know it seems so black and blue
But the fog will clear up
And a meek soul
Will find you
Heal you
Yes, you are capable of being healed
So please
I ask you
Not to end it with a note and a craving to bleed
Death isn’t more welcoming than life
Are you listening to me?

14 thoughts on “(Diary)

  1. Life is painful and journey to find meaning. But death is what makes it meaningful. I don’t know why I said this lmao. But I really vibe with this..

    You are capable of being healed. Just stay strong 🌺🌺🌺


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