Hi Patients! I wanted to post a poem today, but the wonderful Erin started a new hashtag called stayathomesunshine! I’ll let her explain in this snippet of the blog post:

In its simplest form, this hashtag is a hub of positivity. However, just photos was too simple for me. I’ve decided, taking inspiration from the amazing Emma Blether, to create questions each week for people to answer in their captions, via photos or as blog posts. They won’t be any random questions either, always sticking to the initial idea of positivity. This week’s question is ‘What are you grateful for?’ Can’t wait to see your answers on Instagram, or even over here on WordPress! Just make sure to tag me so I can see it straight away.

Most of the action is on Instagram, but since I don’t have it, I decided to post it on wordpress. I know, I know, you’re all are used to my dark somewhat depressing content but I do have a positive bone or two…surprisingly.

So what am I grateful for? 

I’m grateful for my parents who, because of their hard work, ensured that we have everything we need and want. I’m grateful for me friends who stayed through very lengthy thicks and numerous thins. Their stories are my inspiration and without them, this blog wouldn’t exist. I’m grateful for me readers who check every single word I write, even when I feel like my work doesn’t deserve any attention. I could go on, but I think that’s enough positivity for today!

Thank you KittyJade for proposing this idea and I’ll be sure to follow up to the next set of questions in the coming weeks!

I’d also love if any of you participated!

18 thoughts on “#stayathomesunshine

    1. I’m trying to break it down 😂😂 it sounds like beauty full of fire, which I totally appreciate, even if I completely missed the meaning 😂😂 but since I literally have a word created only for my posts…well that’s kind of really amazing! Tanks :3

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