It’s so tempting
To lose yourself beyond the breaking point
Of glass
Shattering into dozens of fragments with a wail of disappointment
And acceptance

To remain in this limbo
Might not be the anecdote but it was the synthesizer to the mandatory pain of change regardless of its degree and direction

Everything seems like a hazy dream
Of misfit angular objects trying to merge with each other’s dimensions to create a broken fantasy
Reflecting the sick mind underneath

A cocoon of safety, to dwell on grief.

Falling steadily into the feathery realms of grey-tinted edges
All those dreary sight, oh how familiar
My eyes ravish the twisted memories
Blemished to become something else, something more, something terrible

I define my life as a catastrophe
And I am the weapon of destruction
Pretending to be a vessel
Searching for a cure
For this euphoric disease

They never asked me to show them what is underneath.


I thought this post portrayed what it is to be drugged/high because the thoughts don’t make much sense

13 thoughts on “Drug

  1. Because the thoughts don’t make much sense
    😂That was cutee 😩🌺
    I think this,
    “A cocoon of safety, to dwell on grief.” And “They never asked me to show them what is underneath”
    Ooof my favourite lines
    You know what, thinking about drugs, why are drugs most of them, at least in many countries illegal?
    I mean as long as a person is not harming others. Drugs shouldn’t be illegal right? Eehhhh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was? 😂😂

      Well, I can think about a couple of reason. Some increase violence. Some cause citizens to lose control leading to them doing irrational things. This hurts the society as a whole (and the government has to pay more money bc there’ll be more prisoners). Also, it’s partly because a government must protect its people from harm even if that means protecting them from themselves.

      It separates families more than they are already separated. But…drug abusers should be treated as patients rather than pathetic weak people. They went to drugs, which makes them forget for a while, for a reason. You cannot punish what you actively allowed to perish.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep. I agree but not all drug users are drug abusers right. I mean some might just do it in closed doors once in a while for fun.
        I mean yes it’s harmful for your health but so is alcohol and cigarette and that’s not banned or illlegal..
        Although I agree that drug abusers should definitely be treated like patient’s because it’s the mental health we’re dealing with here more or less


        1. Yup. But a law is passed for a majority not a minority. I honestly don’t mind cigarettes being banned bc it affects my friends since their families are smokers. I hate cigarettes. I think alcohol is banned in some countries (but I’m not sure).


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          1. Aur haa. I don’t know why I never thought about this. So simple. Law is passed for the majority.

            Yes. Alcohol and cigarette is banned in some(very less) countries.

            Mhmmm wow. I never saw this voice in emoji form. thanks for this😂🌺


  2. Umm what do I say .. your poetry has the power to leave the greatest speechless 😶!! It’s always awesome n I think my comment is not worth your talent !! Keep it up Nour


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