I could've had it allIf not for the constant drumming of self doubtThat is so frequentIt is acknowledged as normal silenceAnd perhaps torturing myself with what ifs and if I wasn't me I could'vesIsn't the solution to every bruise that breathing causesGive me another way to dealOther than dormant feelingsAnd overwhelming thoughtsMy thoughts, they screamedWith … Continue reading


It always starts like this. The sun is a bit brighter today. I can actually see the intense orange. Yellow doesn't hurt as much anymore. Some parts are still obscured while others are droplets of grey. For the most part though, the palette used was dipped in imaginative alternate realities. Everything seems better. But..I still … Continue reading Overwhelmed


Misery. It's so temptingTo lose yourself beyond the breaking pointOf glassShattering into dozens of fragments with a wail of disappointmentAnd acceptance To remain in this limboMight not be the anecdote but it was the synthesizer to the mandatory pain of change regardless of its degree and directionEverything seems like a hazy dreamOf misfit angular objects … Continue reading Drug