BTS of Writing

Hey Patients! So the other day I was reading my poem in the post 'Book Sneak Peak', and I thought that some lines are so vague/personal they don't make sense 😂 I decided to writer a BTS to explain it bc it's one of my fave poems of mine. I wrote this weeks ago so … Continue reading BTS of Writing


I don't think anyone realises how much beauty is in this abyss of pain. How much joy we could find in the smallest of things, if we only perceive them as such. Really, do any of us notice how eloquently we were made? With stars in our eyes and mischief in our hearts. How we … Continue reading Dominoes


Hai! So remember the previous post where I said I had a writer's block thing going on? I guess that isn't it. It's not writers block. It's the "I don't want to write". Don't get me wrong, I love writing, but poems do drain me and they're usually an outpour of emotions. I don't feel … Continue reading Hi!