It was a muddy sort of rusty grey. A diluted effervescence to explosive pleas for redemption. The ache never goes away. On days, like phantom pain, it hurts a little bit more; the memory is a little bit sharper, of euphoria of the forbidden. Regret was a dozen pairs of edgy talons sunk into the … Continue reading Fracture


And the look in her eyes was so wildSo crazedThat I was uncomfortably afraid of becoming herAnd yet denial was more horrifyingAs I did not realize that I already haveManifested my deepest fearAnd that particular insight will only come to meIn the darkest of wintersThe lowest of spiritsAnd a place where rock bottom was dug … Continue reading Incomplete


It was never about the hungerThe thirstThe coldIt was never about familyFriendsOr loveIt was about youAnd me.The circumstances do not alter realityAnd reality is the most solid building that can withstand bloody storms of silver bladesAnd trailing raindropsUpon askew pathwaysThat weren't used toUndiluted laughterAnd that buildingWas constructed lovinglyWith each brick being a small detailIn this … Continue reading Manifestation