Who Are You?

Weeping is a fragility of one's mentality.We will not subject ourselves to such outstanding vulnerability.We've given the world enough; it does not need to have our tears.Some have called us cold,Others heartless,But people don't realise that we-my kind- feel too much and acknowledge too little.Many ask the world to be understanding and have no problem … Continue reading Who Are You?


Can nobody hear the breaking of my heart, See the stains of my tears, Taste my aromatic fear, Feel my cold stabbed skin, Smell the decay of me? My pillow is exposing all my secrets, But there's nobody there to listen. My soul has committed a great crime. It hung from a rope of disappointment … Continue reading Blame


I'm flying,FlyingAway.And I'm dying,DyingWhen I fall.High and lows all the time;I can't handle it anymore.I don't know what has happened to me.I feel weak; where am I?Have I lost hope? Did I give up?I don't know whatI am anymore.I don't have a heart.I'm empty, breaking apart.I'm sad,And I don't where my life's at. --- Lullabies … Continue reading Toxic


“Stare into the abyss and the abyss stares back at you.” Until you fill it up with something Other than temporary pleasure and empty definitions of beauty. Other than irrelevant thoughts of shallow minds. Other than senseless following of a herd of toxicity. Other than desperate wishes of belonging to someone who is as weak … Continue reading Squad