I Am Ageless; I Am Sly.


The Truth What is it? A victim's traumatic memories? A man’s last words? A soldier’s dying scream? A mother’s advice?   The Truth How can I see it? Through a broken lens? Through a shattered mirror? Through droplets of blood? Through turbulent emotions?   The Truth Who is it? A man of power? A symbol … Continue reading I Am Ageless; I Am Sly.


Too Many Faces

I wonder when will those people wake up and realize that they were caged with free will. I wonder when will those people admit that no wongdoings will remain unpunished. I wonder when those lies will be released from the jar of promises like a dozen of bees stinging anybody they see. I wonder when … Continue reading Too Many Faces

Lobster Award-Another Extinct Is On the Way

Hai =) So, someone said that my posts would get boring if they stay this dark...even though you should pass out from the excitement of seeing the notification of me posting something-anything. ^-^ Just kidding...not really =) My wonderful new spirit bestfriend, Prakriti, has nominated me for the Lobster award because she's just a ray … Continue reading Lobster Award-Another Extinct Is On the Way


Do you like the aftertaste of poison? 'I've never drank poison in the first place.' Then what about all the hate that you've been spewing? *** To all the people who disgrace someone just for the fun of it. *** You may be immune to the weakest of poisons but an accidental drop of Aconitine … Continue reading Drink.


You failed in every aspect of your life. You couldn't take that leap. You couldn't see the other side Because you feared it; You were weak. So what? Are you going to sulk, Cry, Whine? Are you going to nag And complain About your troubles? Are you not going to admit that you were the … Continue reading Goodnight