So much to lose, nothing to gain..

I scar myself with a silver blade The colour is like the dripping liquid's taste The sweet release of pain Reviving my endorphins Like a shot of heroin An injection of emotion And other days It's a mere tailoring For a fitting perfection Whatever the case It's a blasphemous inception *** For anyone who has … Continue reading So much to lose, nothing to gain..

Parallel Universe

I'm not sure what's happeningI walk on dwindling staircasesWith no fencesDelving deeper, trying to findWhat has gone wrong in my mindIt's about to explodeOr maybe it already didBecause I can't find itI walk to the chambers of my heartIt's empty and scarredWhere did all my friends go?I guess they left like all friends doAll I've … Continue reading Parallel Universe


The bright lights had dimmed The beating of the drums had come to an end *** The dance floor was waiting And so I succumb To the rhythym, the flow, the harmony The constant twirling Of awakened dormant thoughts The skirts swished and the heels clicked *** We're stuck in this dance *** But little … Continue reading Maniac


I know it ain't how it used to beWith innocent thoughts and mind full of dreamsYour words, your life, your thoughts have become bleakYou wish you can succeedAnd beat this monster of a diseaseI know it ain't easy, scummbing to the beastHe has taken over you and his torture hasn't ceasedSince 6 yearsBut pleasePleaseDon't end … Continue reading (Diary)