BTS of Writing

Hey Patients! So the other day I was reading my poem in the post 'Book Sneak Peak', and I thought that some lines are so vague/personal they don't make sense 😂 I decided to writer a BTS to explain it bc it's one of my fave poems of mine. I wrote this weeks ago so … Continue reading BTS of Writing

Book Sneak Peak-Kinda!!

So as most of you know, I've been working on my book. I'm settling on the title 's p i r a l' I'll explain the reasoning in the book itself. ANYWAYS, I've been itching to give you guys a sneak peek bc I've so many ideas and I'm so exciteeddddd! For now, I've 12 … Continue reading Book Sneak Peak-Kinda!!


Her bare feet grazed the stone. She walked slowly, limbs unused after ages of paralysis. The air smelled of grief and love, hate and fear. It was overwhelming to senses that have only tasted the grit of the soil. A trudge towards home, with blistered feet and an empty soul. For anyone looking at her, … Continue reading Cemetery